I hope you enjoy this training! Now let's answer the big question, "what should I charge?"

You are going to know exactly where your pricing should be and it won't be because that's what the photographer down the street is charging, it's going to be based on your goals, your dreams, and your life. 

Thriving Photographers are not copy cat success stories, each photographer builds her business based on her goals, her lifestyle vision, and her dream. We have full-time, multi employee studio owners and part-time, home schooling to 4 mamas - and they both Thrive! They Thrive because they use the tools and strategies they learn inside this course and they get them working for the lifestyle they want. 

As a bonus to my new pricing video, here is my Sales & Pricing Calculator worksheet. And if you hate math, don't worry - it your good company! All you have to do is plug your numbers into my simple formula, and in 10 minutes, you'll finally get to the bottom of what you should be charging. 

Pricing Calculator.jpg

Wow! That wasn't bad at all, was it? You're starting to take control of your photography business, and I couldn't be more thrilled for you. But now what? Well...  

You Know your price! But how do you find the guts to stick with them? 

STEP 2 is where it gets hard. You know what you need to charge and why you need to charge it, but this very well may mean you need to raise your prices. That can be scary. But these are not numbers pulled from the sky anymore, they have a purpose behind them. 

That's why I have a special video to help you keep your resolve after you've raised your prices.