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Certified Thrive Trainer |  Family & Children


Erin Freeman, Certified Thrive Trainer

Erin Freeman Photography
Location: Suffolk, England

Hi! I’m Erin! I have tried many different business programmes but Thrive worked for me! I knew I wanted to create an amazing experience for my clients but I wasn’t 100% sure how to bring it all together, and this is where Thrive came into its own. Are you worried that Thrive won’t work in the UK/European market? I can assure you it does, and I can help you see how.

On the more personal side, here are 3 things about me…

  • I fell for the charms of an Englishman and uprooted from B.C., Canada 17 years ago!
  • I’m a mum to 2 cheeky little boys with a 10 year gap (Can we say surprise!!!)
  • I have been in business for 5+ years, and have my own studio in Lavenham, Suffolk UK            
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