The Thrive Experience has been especially designed for the photographer who knows exactly what could happen for her business if someone else came in and whipped everything into shape. With the Thrive Experience comes Leah, live and in-person. With sleeves rolled up, Leah will be ready and excited to help you organize, systemize and cultivate an environment for success. In addition, you may even find yourself hitting the streets to look for new marketing opportunities together or relaxing in for a little spa time... For market research of course. 

Thrive Experience offers the ultimate level of support as you enjoy 1 full year being privately coached and supported by Leah Remillét. 


Thrive Experience Includes:

The Thrive 2.0 Audio

33 Thrive-Sheets (Become your active business plan)

Templates for implements all of the strategies


Plus these Bonuses:

The Product Pricing Guide Book (Value $175)

Thrive Community (Priceless!)

SEO Cookbook by Zach Prez (Value $99)

Building Balance - A Photographer Guide to Getting Out from Your Monitor

Outsourcing Explained – The NEW Lifestyle Option for Photographers (Value: $149)

Snap Happy – Photography 101 Course (Leah’s current favorite marketing tool!) (Value $249)


Plus The Experience:

With the experience you get Leah Remillét in-person, in your town for two and half packed days – together you’re going to turn plan into action and then follow up that action with a year of private one-on-one mentoring.

2 Private Online Planning Sessions Pre Arrival (Value $500)

2.5 Full Days Live with Leah Remillét (Value $7800)

Web Presence: Full Analysis with Real-Time Action and a Follow Through Plan

Pricing & Sales: Pricing will be worked through during a planning session, once together, Leah will help you refine your sales approach and you can even watch Leah do a mock presentation on you.

Balance: Leah will custom build workflow processes and systems with you for your lifestyle.

Marketing: We will literally go find marketing partnerships together.

Professional Self Portrait by Leah

One Year of Monthly One-on-One Mentoring  with Leah Remillet (Value: $4800)

Instant Enrollment for 1 Thriver’s Mastermind 4 Day Retreat (Value: $1600)

Investment: $8,397   (Value: $17,194)