The Thrive Experience with Leah Remillét

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With sleeves rolled up, I am your personal cheerleader, coach, and mentor all in one.  Together we will organize, systemize and cultivate an environment for your success. In addition, you may even find yourself hitting the streets with me to look for new marketing opportunities or relaxing in for a little spa time... For market research of course. 

Thrive Experience offers the ultimate support, as I sit with you, both of our computers out and we build your success strategy together through The Thriving Photographer model. And! After our 3 amazing days together, I'm not leaving you. You'll have 1 full year of one-on-one private coaching with me. 

Included with The Thrive Experience:

The Thriving Photographer™ : Full Digital Course

The Thriving Photographer™ : Full Digital Course

Full Website & Brand Review with design ideas

Full Website & Brand Review with design ideas

2 One-on-One Calls with Leah before her arrival

2 One-on-One Calls with Leah before her arrival

Monthly Coaching Calls for One Year after Intensive

Monthly Coaching Calls for One Year after Intensive

2.5 packed days with Leah in your town!

2.5 packed days with Leah in your town!

Massive Bonuses to organize and   accelerate your success

Massive Bonuses to organize and accelerate your success

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I believe in BIG dreams! It's that simple.

There is nothing spectacular about me that would get you to say, "well, of course, she can do it." I have NO formal training and have never claimed to be the best photographer. I don't have a college degree. And I didn't have access to amazing connections who automatically set my business up for success. In fact, I had just moved to Portland, OR. when I first officially opened my photography business in 2009 and I didn't know a soul.

My goal was simple: Maximize my profit and minimize the time I spent on my business.

I had three very little children, a husband in graduate school, and bills to pay. I had to make this work, but I refused to do it at the cost of my family.

By now you've heard the story: I hit 6-figures within 2 years, only working 15 to 20 hours a week. I had a waitlist, my clients were incredible, I couldn't believe this was real! 

I knew that I had to show photographers, step-by-step - how they could duplicate these same results. 

The Thriving Photographer is my step-by-step system for building your own thriving photography business, and Thrive Experience is my opportunity to work one-on-one with you. 

If you're the type, who wishes someone would sit side-by-side with you and show you exactly how to make your photography business work - Thrive Experience is your answer (literally).

Thrive Experience brings REAL LIFE & BIG DREAMS together. 

It's you and me in your home and your town for two and half days. Rolling up our sleeves and getting to work to make your photography dreams your reality.

I've sat in basements, and I've sat in studios. We laugh, we cry. We dream, we plan, and we take action.

Building a successful business is messy. I've lived it, and I've come out of the other side. Thrive Experience takes the chaos and the guessing and transforms it into the photography business you always dreamed of.

Together, we can do this! 

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*A $4200 deposit will begin your Thrive Experience with the remaining balance due 4 weeks before Leah's arrival. 
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Thrive Experience Includes:

The Thriving Photographer Online Course ($649)

*with lifetime access

Plus The Experience:

With the experience you get Leah Remillét in-person, in your town for two and half packed days – together you’re going to turn plan into action and then follow up that action with a year of private one-on-one mentoring.

2 Private Online Planning Sessions Pre Arrival (Value $500)

2.5 Full Days Live with Leah Remillét (Value $7800)

Web Presence: Full Analysis with Real-Time Action and a Follow Through Plan ($497)

Pricing & Sales: Pricing will be worked through during a planning session, once together, Leah will help you refine your sales approach and you can even watch Leah do a mock presentation on you

Balance: Leah will help you custom build workflow processes for your lifestyle

Marketing: We will literally go find marketing partnerships together

Professional Self Portrait by Leah ($900)

One Year of Monthly One-on-One Mentoring  with Leah Remillet (Value: $4800)


Plus these Bonuses:

The Product Pricing Guide Book (Value $175)

Thrive Community (Priceless!)

Building Balance - A Photographer Guide to Getting Out from Your Monitor ($199)

Outsourcing Explained – The NEW Lifestyle Option for Photographers (Value: $149)

Snap Happy – Photography 101 Course (Leah’s current favorite marketing tool!) (Value $249)


Investment: $8,000   (Value: $15,918.00)

The Thrive Experience is the only way to work with Leah directly through The Thriving Photographer. If The Thrive Experience is not the right fit for you, you may access the full Thrive Course through any of Leah's Thrive Certified Partner Trainers.