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Certified Thrive Trainer |  Newborn


Mary Steadman, Certified Thrive Trainer

Location: Oklahoma, USA

I'm Mary! I am a wife, a mom, and a photographer. I'm obsessed with iced coffee, audio books, and cooking new recipes.  My life is full and it's more than I ever could have dreamed. Although if you ask my friends and family I'm sure they would say I'm a 1/2 second away from running down the street in my pj's (that I've had on all day) begging to go to Target!

My babes are my world and how lucky am I that Liam and Lennon are mine! Like many photographers, my passion began very early. I was the designated family vacation photog! Events later in my life pushed me to follow that passion and pursue a career in photography. Those events have shaped me in ways I never thought possible and I'm grateful for the hard lessons. I decided, from those experiences, to lead my children in a life of taking chances, being brave, chasing BIG dreams, never having to ask the "what-if's", and leaving a legacy of love.