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HOW will this program be delivered?

The Thriving Photographer™ is a digital training program. We understand that running a business doesn't fit under one-size-fits-all and neither does the way you work or learn. That's why we have two outstanding implementation options for you (oh and by the way - feel free to switch between them as you go). 

If your personal "hustle-style" is to jump right in, you'll love getting instant access to the entire training program immediately upon payment completion. The Thrive program will arrive right into your inbox. 

If on the other hand, you do better with accountability and schedules, you won't believe how much you're going to start to love Mondays! Each Monday over the course of 9 weeks, you'll receive the building blocks of Thrive, module by module. Your entire business will transform for success by just taking a few hours a week to build your new business strategy. 

Success is on its way, and it's arriving just the way you need it.



How fast will the program work for me?

Some photographers will want to have everything in perfect order before they fully launch their new Thrive business model; others are so eager and excited to see their business grow that they jump all in on day one. As soon as you begin to really implement the strategies from The Thriving Photographer™, you will see results!  

If you’re an all-in, no-time-like-the-present, let’s-do-this kind of photographer, here are some examples of the results other photographers like you experienced:

Carrie Wilson saw her sales go from nada to an average of $946 dollars with the first 6 portrait sessions she scheduled after The Thriving Photographer™!  That’s almost $6,000!

After the first month, Julie Rivera said that her clients’ experience had become 100 times better than it was before THRIVE.

Thirty one days (that’s right 31!) after investing in The Thriving Photographer™, Brittany Salay was able to quit her full-time job and turn her passion for photography into her full-time job!

The Thriving Photographer™ is designed to provide you with clear, easy to follow instructions so that you can make the Thrive lifestyle your reality!

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Is this program more suited to beginners?

NO WAY! (Caps-lock, exclamation point and all.) The Thriving Photographer is for anyone who is ready to see their business be MORE...  more profitable, more organized, more clients, more fun!  Plain and simple, if you haven’t reached your “I’ve Arrived” moment, then The Thriving Photographer™ is for you!

If you find yourself…

  • Unorganized and dreading the business side of things
  • Constantly saying to your family, “Give me 10 more minutes!” (and you know it’s never just 10 minutes)
  • Feeling like a slave to your clients
  • Seeing what was once your passion become burnout
  • Wanting to have more time to do the stuff you love, but also make more money so that you can afford the things you love
  • Wishing you could get the clients you dream about and feeling like they seem to be hiding from you
  • Dreaming of feeling proud of your business skills in addition to your camera skills
  • Wanting to really feel in control of your business
  • Ready to turn ‘someday’ into right now

…Then The Thriving Photographer™ is right for you!  Some of the most heartfelt thank yous I’ve received have come from photographers who have been in business for 5, 7 and even 10+ years…because for the very first time, they are seeing their businesses finally arrive!

I only want to do photography part-time. Would I benefit?

I can’t resist…may I answer your question with a question?  Would you benefit from more money and more time?  The Thriving Photographer™ teaches you a business model that can be scaled to any size - from one shoot a week to a full-time retail studio with staff.

The Thriving Photographer™ teaches you how to structure your business so that you stop running in circles. You see, I want your business to function effortlessly, your marketing to produce your dream clients, and your sales to finally enable that dream vacation to Bermuda, Bahama… Come on, pretty mama!

You will learn how to be a savvy, smart business owner who happens to make great money doing what you love!  And that’s great business strategy whether you’re part-time or full-time!

Will I need to invest in a lot of stuff after I start the program or can I make it work with what I have?

My job is to teach you how to be profitable not how to spend more money!

I don’t know about you, but I am not a fan of debt!  So I’m going to teach you exactly how to get your business going and making money with exactly what you have right now -  you!  Once you get profitable, then I’ll help you with exactly how and what to spend your money on to enhance your experience as well as that of your clients.

Here’s what I mean:  When I teach you about pricing and sales, I share all kinds of ways to implement your new strategies BEFORE you can afford the samples, the projector, and all that jazz!  You’ll find this as a reoccurring theme throughout the program.  I share exactly how to do it whether you're on a shoe-string budget or you’re rolling in the dough!

I started my photography business while my husband was in his last year of under-grad.  We went for another 4 years of post-grad immediately following.  We didn’t have any kind of budget for me to invest into my business, so I had to be creative!  That creativity proved to be the answer for what became our sole source of income for several years.

You will be learning my step-by-step formula for success, and learn how I did it all while maintaining my most important role as a stay-at-home mommy!

I think I really want this, but I’m not sure if I’m ready?

If you’re charging money to take pictures, and you know your business skills need sharpening then you’re ready for it!

Plus, once you purchase the program, you have it forever!  This means you can go at your own pace, but I warn you…the excitement is contagious, and you might just find yourself staying up through the night because you’re so gosh darn excited to finally realize your true potential!

And don’t forget – you have it right there on your smart phone, your computer, your iPad…this program is portable!  It can be with you everywhere, so you’ll be able to refer back to it over and over again!

Do I need to have an established business to make this program work?

When I began creating the outline for this program, I wanted it to be everything. Every single aspect of what I’ve done to build my business, and everything I wish I’d known from the get go.

Over the years, I have been able to refine, build upon, and strengthen my approach to running a thriving photography business, and now I’m sharing with you every single detail in The Thriving Photographer™.  So no... you don’t have to have an established business. I will help you establish yourself the right way starting now!

What if I have questions after starting Thrive?

Have no fear!!  We will add you to the secret Facebook group, and you will LOVE it there!  You’ll become fast friends with tons of currently striving and thriving photographers who are asking questions, getting answers, encouraging each other and having a blast thriving together!  It’s like a 24/7 Support & Encourage Team over there!

Make no mistake about it…I really, really want you to succeed!  If you run into a situation that fellow Thrivers can’t help with, my inbox is always open.  If I can give you a quick answer, I will!  Otherwise, we can always set up a private one-on-one strategy session over Skype to really dig deep into your business goals.

What does Thrive come with?

I've packed Thrive with everything I could possibly imagine you might need in order to build your own thriving business. So what all is inside... Here's the breakdown:

Getting Started Video + Check List

The Thriving Photographer Audio Program (over 5 hours of audio training that covers every aspect of business success!) 

Thrive Sheets – 30 Interactive worksheets that will become your own active, comprehensive business plan!

Complete Source List (where to go, who to use and where I get my steal-deals)

Examples of all of my setups, packaging, welcome kit, client gifts and more

My Personal Email Scripts to adapt and use for your clients

My Personal Phone Scripts to adapt and use for your clients

The Private ThriveSquad Facebook Group (exclusively for Thrivers & Leah)

The All-New Ultimate Marketing Tools - all psd files for easy customization!

        Including the following fully-layered templates:

Business Card Template

Mini Moo Card Template

Postcard-Sized Info Card Template

Tri-Fold Brochure Template

The All New Ultimate Sales Tools - all psd files for easy customization!

          Including the following fully-layered templates:

Reminder Postcard Template

Single File Holder Template

Print Care Template (with wording)

Image Box Template

Order Form Template

Referral Gift Template

Square Gift Certificate

Symbiotic Gift Certificate

The All-New Ultimate Business Tools - psd files for easy customization!

          Including the following fully-layered templates:

Supply Inventory Form

Letterhead Template

Envelope Template

Thank You Card Template

Address Sticker Template

Pen Template

Welcome Letter Template (with wording)

Contract Template (with wording)

Model Release Template (with wording)

Premiere Menu Template (with wording)

What-to-Wear Guide Template (with wording)

Magnet Template

Sticky Note Template

Accounts Receivable Ledger


...And I haven't even mentioned the confidence that will be yours after implementing Thrive!