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Bold & Bright Photography Office Design

When Galicia shared her studio in our private Thriving Photographer group... I knew I had to share it here!

While Galicia's studio is obviously fabulous!! There is something that makes me love it even more! How spot on her studio is with her brand!

I asked Galacia to share some insights into her studio and her business... Be ready to be inspired!

Leah:  Will you tell us about the decision to have a studio space?

The decision to have a studio space with an office was a no brainer. My in home office was busting at the seams. I always met clients at Starbucks or at a local coffee shop. In addition, after becoming a "Thrive" member, I really felt like I needed to take my business "look and brand" to the next level.  Not to mention having the space, but bringing my clients to my studio and office to see what Photography by Galicia is all about, it just adds that professional feel to the experience that I offer.  I really feel like my studio space reflects who I am.  I owe a huge thank you to my husband, who is my number one fan and for letting me do what I LOVE.  And to Keri Meraz, my make up artist and friend, for helping me design a space that is AMAZING!

Leah:  What's your favorite part of your studio and why?

There are so many things that I love about my studio. I think I absolutely love love love the "CREATE" canvases hanging on the wall. It's the first thing I see when I walk into my office.  It reminds me that I am here to CREATE my client's ART.  Alright, I can't leave out the other stuff too, but if I had to chose in order... 1. CREATE canvases  2. My work-flow organizational wall  3. The letter G - for my name and  4. The red clock. :)

Leah:  Best investment you've made for your photography business?

The best investment I have ever made for my photography business is a hard one to answer. There are so many things I did that has helped me in one way or another. I am really blessed that all the things I have invested so far has been worth it ten times over. The first thing I invested in was the Crave Mentoring class. It helped me figure out my editing style. I also purchased and upgraded some of my gear.

But lastly I invested in Thrive.  Thrive has been amazing! I have met some amazing photographers and I am so proud to call them my friends. It has also helped me organize my business. It has given me confidence and at the same time created some huge goals that I want to accomplish as a photographer that I otherwise never thought I could. I admit it has been a lot of work, but I am seeing the rewards. For only being in business less than a year, I am blessed. Hard work pays off.

Leah: You know I love your brand, will you tell us a little about how you found the inspiration for it?

I hired the amazing and talented Lindsay Stoyan, who is local. She asked me what kind of person I was and I described myself as outgoing, bold and modern. And she hit it spot on. The flower is full of color and it's not traditional but spunky looking.

Leah: Favorite song-set when you're working?

My favorite song-set when I am working is Pandora pre-set radio stations. I love that I can input a song that I currently like and Pandora will play songs from that genre. My favorite is the Tongue Tied Radio Station. Try it! It's alternative, spunky and upbeat. Keeps me motivated!