Luxe Photography Packaging Ideas

LR Packaging by Jane Johnson_Gold glitter

I love dreaming up and playing with packaging - l-o-v-e i-t-! As I child my mom taught me to take pride in wrapping a present. To crease the edges and fold the paper in just so and of course, how to create a beautiful bow. This skill came in handy at one of my very fist jobs for Bernard Callebaut Chocolates. One of my favorite tasks was to make the gift baskets, I would place each item with so much care and add just the perfect pieces to create interest, color and layers, then I would choose which tissue and ribbons I felt would finish each basket best, when I wasn't scheduled to work they would save the bow making for me. I can remember how good it felt at 15 years old to know that I was the bow maker for the shop. My love for packing is not something I plan to ever outgrow. 

I am an absolute sucker [read: sure I'll pay double cause it's pretty] for beautiful packaging. When I receive something that's been thoughtfully packaged, I melt. I knew I wasn't alone in my love affair for beautiful packaging so when I built my own business, I took great care and (with much excitement) worked hard to build beautiful touch points through welcome packets, treat bags, swag gifts and packaging. I wanted my clients to experience opening a beautiful package over and over again as they worked with me.  And that's just what I set out to do. But there was one problem, while sometimes I did have the time to hand cut tissue and create custom pieces, I knew it wasn't the best use of my time and as I got busier, I had to find ways to streamline my workflow. 

Over the last couple years I've been searching for just such a packaging line that would be beautiful, but make my life simpler too! And then my amazing friend Jane Johnson launched her own line of Luxe Packaging with H-BPhoto and my conundrum was finally solved! Her gorgeous boxes that I swear she must have designed just for me come in gold, jaded (a gorgeous emerald) and tuxedo and the best part? They come with the tissue paper pre folded into the boxes! So no more cutting and folding to size for me. I just grab a box, lay my prints into the pre filled tissue and I'm 1/2 way done. 

Being one that can't decide until I actually have my hands on it…I of course, had to see all 3 of the Luxe Line box options so that I could decide which one to use (I still haven't decided so I'm hoping you'll help me!) I had so much fun styling and branding these beautiful boxes for Leah Remillét Photography. I have giant jars, boxes and trays in my office that are filled with tissue and ribbons and stickers and stationary and everything came out when it was time to play! 

Here's what I've come up with. You'll find my full source list below and I'd love to hear which one is your favorite?! Leave a comment with your vote! 

LR Packaging by Jane Johnson_Gold
LR Packaging by JJ_Black, White and Gold Packaging
LR Packaging by JJ_Green Packaging
*If you don't see something sourced and you want to know where I found it, just leave a comment and I'll let you know! 

Gold Packaging: 
Gold Boxes & Tissue by HB Photo & Jane Johnson
Black Sparkle 3/8" Ribbon from Amazon
Branded Seal Stamp by B2O with LR Icon and Gold Wax 
Round Sticker from Moo with LR Icon 

Black & White Packaging:
Tuxedo Boxes & Tissue by HB Photo & Jane Johnson
Gold Glitter 5/8" Ribbon from Amazon
Black & White Washi Tape - Check out Paper Mart's collection 

Gold Glittery Heart Sticker form Paper-Source

Green, Black & White Packaging: 
Jaded Boxes & Tissue by HB Photo & Jane Johnson
Black & White Stripe 1.5" Ribbon from Amazon
Gold Glittery Heart Sticker form Paper-Source

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And I found this super cute video for Jane Johnson's packaging line that's filled with fun inspiration…