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Who doesn't love to feel welcome? Whether it's as a guest at someone's home or walking into a business that is truly grateful to have you - it just feels good! The truth of it is, feeling welcomed - makes us feel wanted and isn't that one of the most precious and sought after feelings we humans have?

It was with this idea in mind that I created a Welcome Packet for my clients from the very beginning stages of my photography career and why I've coached, taught and encouraged other photographers to do the same. The members of my business training program, The Thriving Photographer™  have some pretty amazing welcome packets, so to inspire you, we will be showcasing different welcome packets on the blog! To begin, we're thrilled to be showcasing Idie of  Idie Atenico Photography.

There of course are so many possibilities on how to share the information we need to convey to help our clients prepare for their upcoming sessions, but my very favorite comes in the mail! Oh how I love to get packages myself! In fact, with my current office-makeover project, I've been receiving packages daily and there is something magical when an item comes beautifully presented - it offers validity to my purchase!

Just after a client has booked their portrait session, they are looking for that same validity that they've made a good choice. When a beautifuly crafted welcome packets arrives only days later it offers a sweet confirmation with a hint of anticipation for what other surprises are in store!  Sending something in the mail is my favorite way to welcome new relationships, I do it with new friendships and with new clients! It feels great to feel welcomed wanted!

In additional to the wonderful emotional connection that the Welcome Packet offers, it also conveys information we share over the phone prior and during bookings that can be forgotten. Welcome packets not only give a great impression of your professionalism and style, it also educates your clients with what they will need to have a successful session.

2014-06-18_0005  2014-06-18_0004

Here are all the details of Idie's Welcome Packet...

Every packets includes:

  • An information card about Idie
  • Reminder card
  • Information card about Session Premiere (an experience sales process taught in The Thriving Photographer™)
  • A wall art card
  • Magnet with quote
  • Welcome letter
I love how each elements of her packet is fun with contrasting yet cohesive color combos and fonts; her designer was the one and only Laura Kathryn - (who designed Leah Remillet & Thrive's branding!).

Idie's materials were printed through Miller's Lab - and the folder was ordered from Design Aglow -

Verbiage for the Welcome Letter, Session Premiere and some templates come from

I hope this feature has inspired you, more are on the way! But until then, I hope you'll put this tool into practice - it beautifully puts everyone on the same page so that each party knows what to expect, which will in turn make both your session and sales appointments run smoother.

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