Katie's Success Story


For me, there is a difference between success and thriving. Success is something people see from the outside. Maybe it's a great title, a large home, a fun car. Success is the outward appearance of achievement. Thriving, on the other hand, is more so an inward feeling. It is accomplishing goals for the lifestyle you want and feeling good about life through the process.

That's why Thrive was named, 'The Thriving Photographer.' To me thriving means that YOU set the terms for your success. If it had been called 'the successful photographer', someone else might be setting the terms for you and that's not why any of us take on starting our own business.

One of my favorite things about my Thrivers (as I affectionately refer to our members) is that their goals and dreams are as different as their photography styles and specialties.

Today I want to introduce you to Katie of Kathryn Lee Photography. Katie is a military spouse, with a toddler and a baby. Her dream was to stay home and make her passion for photography, a part-time business. Could she do it? Could her little business really make a contribution to her family? Here's her story...