How to Stand Out in a Saturated Photography Market (video)

The photography industry has dramatically changed in the last two decades. Moms with great cameras and a clear understanding of what their consumer counterpart client wants has replaced a predominately male driven industry. The brick and mortar studios of yesterday are fewer and farther between as photographers choose to keep overhead costs low by presenting themselves as on-location photographers. And of course the days of film with photochemical processing have been largely replaced with huge digital memory cards and the latest and greatest Adobe software. 

With all of these changes...some which are good and some which are not, an influx of budding photographers has entered the marketplace. Today, you can hardly find a forum or article that doesn't touch on the sense of crowdedness which is making many photographers worry that there just isn't any room left for them. I want to address this concern. I can feel the fear in your words and see the concern written in your posts.

It's hard. It's not going to get easier. But, it is possible to find success!   

The bottom line is will need to decide if you will be one who complains about the problem until your light eventually goes out or be one who does what they must do to stand up and stand out. If you're choosing the latter, I'm going to help you! (I'll explain how in just a bit!!)

Success is still very possible, I am seeing it every single day.  However, it will become less and less obtainable for those who are trying to just follow along with everybody else. As we continue to grow as an industry (and I don't believe we're even close to reaching our tipping point) those who try to mimic and mask will eventually fade away. Yes, they will be replaced with fresher photographers who are also mimicking and masking but that means that for one passionate dreamer they had to see themselves fail.  I'm not okay with that.  Success will be reserved more and more for those who innovate, create and do the excruciatingly hard work of finding their own voice.  

So now that you know it, what are you going to do? 

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