Choosing a Photography Niche - How to Find Your Niche & why it can make you more succeful

When you start your business - at least for most of us - you just can't know where you'll end up. You might think you know but if you're anything like me, you find out that you were completely wrong.  I thought I was going to be an amazing newborn photographer or maybe a destination wedding photographer - today, I (happily) don't photograph either. 

Today we're talking about choosing a niche or a specialty. A lot of photographers believe that by specializing they will limit themselves, but the opposite is actually true. By trying to be everyone's photographer, you end up being no one's first choice. <---- CLICK TO TWEET IT OUT! 

Think of the best photographers in the world...Your favorite photographers. I'll bet they're not photographing everything that hits their inbox. Instead, they have chosen to master specific areas and in that mastery, they've found so much more.  Finding your niche is a process, it took me about a year and a half to discover what kind of photographer I really wanted to be.  Specializing can help you stand out! 

The reality is, when you choose to specialize, everything about you business gets easier! How about if I explain? This is my journey from being everyone's photographer to a select few's photographer.  Making the choice to specialize not only gave me more confidence as an artist, but it's also made me a lot more profitable!