Welcome to the Thrive Tribe

We are photographers who love so much more than our cameras - although don't get us started on lens talk. That's why we have each chosen to build our portrait business following the Thrive model. We are a community that covers the globe, we support and encourage each other because we don't want to just survive, we thrive! 

About the Thrive Community: 

  • We cover the globe from Oklahoma to Oman

  • We happy dance when something great happens

  • We support each other after bad clients, bad days, or bad memory cards.

  • we believe in community over competition 

  • We watch netflix while we edit

  • Thrive has changed our lives for the better



The Thriving Photographer was a labor of love by Leah Remillét (that's me). I had started my own photography business in 2009. By 2011 I had hit 6-Figures working part-time as a family photographer in Vancouver, WA. I knew I wanted to share how I'd done it. The thing is, I wasn't even that good of a photographer, it was the business part that came easy - not the artistic side. I knew for most it was the complete opposite. I saw all of these amazing photographers, many who were my friends (they were so much better than me), and they were struggling. I wanted to help them!

This project (creating this course) was one of the hardest things I've ever done. You see, I have seizures sometimes (trauma induced) and when they happen, the aftermath includes stuttering. Sometimes it's only a few hours, others it's lasted as long as a few weeks. When I envisioned Thrive, I knew I wanted the training to be audio, I thought about how busy I am and knew that audio tracks that could be listened to on the go were the best option for busy photographers who wear multiple hats. What I did not anticipate was that something about creating those audios would trigger my stuttering.

About every 3 to 5 works, it would trip me. I'd stutter - pause the track recording - and start over. It took months to record the modules, and so many frustrated tears to get it all recorded. But I knew, I just knew that my business model worked and that I could help other photographers change their own lives if they had this knowledge.

I believed that I was lead to create Thrive and that it would change lives. In mid 2012, The Thriving Photographer™ debuted. Since then thousands of photographers - spanning across 6 continents have implemented Thrive and changed their own lives. 

It has been the most rewarding and incredible journey I could have ever asked for!

But, after years of being the face of Thrive, I realized that it was time to give Thrive back to photographers. You see, I had stopped photographing professionally back in 2015 because Thrive had gotten so big. Deep down, I knew that Thrive should be taught by photographers again.

In 2018, I did what I knew was best for The Thriving Photographer™ and the photographers out there that needed the answers she holds inside. I brought on amazing Thrive Partners who love helping, serving, and changing lives as much as I do. And these photographers, they're not just any photographers - they are Thrivers themselves who have created their own amazing success stories and now want to help others do the same. 

We believe we are each meant to Thrive! We are living proof that it is possible to have your business, balance, and bliss. We are living it, and now we want to help you live it too.

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