Hi. I'm Leah Remillét

I'm so excited for the chance to work with you on your photography business. I hope you'll give me the chance to show you what's truly possible in your business and for your life.  - Leah

I can't live without: 

  • My family 

  • Great Friends 

  • Macbook pro + Mouse (I'm terrible with a trackpad)


  • Audible + my phone for my Biz Books

  • Above all, my faith!

  • These days, that's about it since we currently live out of 5 suitcases as we travel FULL-TIME. 


My own photography business journey started in 2008. Like anyone starting something new, it came with plenty of bumps as I worked to build this new dream. In those early days, I got a whole lot more wrong than I did right. But, I was not willing to give up, I wanted this too much. 

I kept pushing, kept trying... testing new ideas, new strategies, tweaking and revamping them, and trying again. There were plenty of challenges in my way, (not the least of which being that I started this business in a new area so I had zero connections to work from) but I was determined. I knew the lifestyle I dreamt of for my family and I would not give-up on it. I am a mom and a wife... My business had to understand that! It took so much work, but eventually the business I had imagined from the beginning, became my reality. 

I built consistent average sales of $1,800+, my clients made me feel amazing, and my biz was structured to need 15 hours a week from me.  I had to show other photographers how this was happening, the steps I'd taken, the strategies I'd implemented. I remember thinking, "just imagine what a really good photographer could do with this business model."

So I set to work, and I started developing Thrive. In 2012, The Thriving Photographer launched™! I was overwhelmed by the response, welcoming hundreds to the ThriveSquad. For the first couple years, I ran both my own photography business and helping others in their creative journey. By 2014, I knew I had to choose. I have loved seeing other people change their life with Thrive, this is what I was meant to do. So, I made the decision to spend all of my creative energy helping others! 

Today, my sole professional purpose is to help other's Thrive in their own business and life. While I'm at it, my hubby and I have taken our three kiddos on a full-time adventure to explore the world. We left our hometown of Seattle, WA. in June. Thus far we've been to England, Hong Kong, Australia, Scotland, Japan, Ireland, and our next stop is Bali.  

I believe we are each meant to Thrive! I know that it is possible to have your business, and balance, and bliss. I am living it and I have helped thousands of others live this dream.