The Five Stages of Thrive

written by member of The Thriving Photographer™,  Emily Carroll



Stage 1: Beginners Doubt

The stage before the entire process begins.  You find Thrive on the internet, read all about it, and say, "No way!  There's no way this could be for real."  "I don't know if it's worth the money."  "Can I really spend that much for something that might not work??"  "[Insert doubtful phrase here.]"

Stage 2: Newbie Excitement

The stage after you buy Thrive, when you're on an emotional high because you've made a step forward!  Doesn't really matter that you haven't really gone anywhere - you made an oh, so itty bitty tiny step, and it's a start!  This is fun, and you can already see the $$$ signs!  "But wait... I haven't really done anything yet, have I?  Oh well, I'm EXCITED!!"

Stage 3: Dawning yet Painful Realization

The stage when the newbie excitement slowly creeps away, and you realize this isn't as fun as it seemed in the last stage.  It's hard work, but that's ok!  "I'm good at hard work, and I want to succeed.  So I'll keep on trucking, and I'm going to do this, by golly!"

Stage 4: Complete and Total Self-Doubt

"I CAN'T DO THIS!  I CAN'T DO THIS!  I REALLY CAN'T DO THIS!!!"  The stage when everything comes crashing down.  Usually during the pricing portion of the program.  Your confidence level drops to rock bottom and nothing seems possible.  Absolutely nothing!  You freak out, and your heart rate increases, and hives or at the very least a headache are imminent.

Stage 5: Pure Bliss

The stage when, after you calm down and the hives clear up, you are overcome with a happiness you've never known before - because you took that oh, so itty bitty tiny step, and it's finally working!  You wonder why you ever doubted yourself in the first place, and you finally see those $$$ signs!  Your husband is no longer angry at you for spending money on yet ANOTHER program - and you can actually say, "I DID IT!"